Our Vision


That is a pretty open ended vision.  But, really, when you are a family of six and 2/3 of your members of under the age of 10, it is foolish to pigeon-hole us, when we are constantly growing and coming into our destines.

We know this much: We are called to missions.  In a third world country, with a dark skinned people group.  Our vision will involve women and children.

Sarah is very passionate about midwifery and healthcare for communities.

James is very passionate about schooling young minds in how to think, not what to think.

The kids are all pretty excited about helping those who are in need and using their gifts to bless others.  And they are beyond thrilled about loving on orphans and adding to our family.

We are all passionate about worshiping God through our song, dance, art…

We imagine that we will be working with communities that need education and maternal and newborn healthcare.  We imagine we will be adopting orphans in the community/ communities we find ourselves plugged in.  We know that we will be worshiping and praising God, throughout it all, because we know that brings a culture of change.  We know we will be changed in the process, for God’s name and glory sake.

Right now Sarah is working as a Mother-Infant Nurse in a hospital local to our current location in Florida.  Her goal is to transfer to Labor and Delivery, in the near future.  And while we are raising awareness of our call and gaining support from new friends all over the world, her desire is to broaden her scope of nursing practice so that she is more prepared to do what she tactically feels called to do on the mission field.

Right now James home-schools our children and is creating curriculum that he hopes to use on the mission field.

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