Our Name

Hello! We are the Hesses. We started off as 2. Two who became one. Two years later we doubled our family size, when Sarah (the matriarch of the family) gave birth to surprise twins … in our small 1 bedroom apartment. Fast forward 2 years and another Hessling was born into our crew. Two years later, one more Hess kid joined our circus.

We are a mess. We have been since day one, but with each passing day, we just get more messy.

But life is found in mess.

Beautiful things are created out of mess.

We have moved 10 times in the ten years we have been married. No, we are not a traveling gypsy family. Although, some days it may feel that way, we believe it has been part of God’s plan in preparing us for the call we feel that He has on our lives (see Our Story).

In a gist, we believe that God can use a big messy family to touch the lives of many around this world. We are more alike than we sometimes realize. The broken, messy, messed-up all need the same Savior. Although, we don’t have everything together and all packaged perfect, and we are stumbling our way, as God is directing our steps, we say “yes” to a God who is making beauty from ashes.

2 thoughts on “Our Name

  1. Abbie

    I love this site. Looking forward to reading more about your journey. By the way, I spend many an hour each week reading the journals, essays, and research papers of students with all different backgrounds and abilities. I think I can safely say that both of you are natural, honest, and gifted writers. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sarah Mullins-Hess

      Abbie, thank you so much for reading!!!! Your words are thoughtful, as always! …. I once had a dear friend in high school who spiced up a research paper or two, with grammatical changes to every other sentence I wrote. I learned a LOT from her 😉


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